From the Ordinary to the Extraordinary: Zendaya Models the B.zero1 Jewelry Collection


Zendaya, as the ambassador for Bulgari’s B.zero1 collection, transforms jewelry into a symbol of style, empowerment, and innovative self-expression.

A Symphony of Style and Empowerment

Zendaya, the acclaimed actress and style icon, embarks on an exciting new journey as the Global Ambassador for Bulgari’s B.zero1 jewelry collection. In this role, she embodies the essence of the collection, transforming ordinary moments into stunning experiences. With her unique charisma and fashionable style, Zendaya brings a fresh perspective to B.zero1, celebrating self-determination and contemporary flair.

Celebrating Self-Expression with B.zero1

B.zero1, known for its bold symbols of self-expression, finds a perfect companion in Zendaya’s fearless approach to fashion and life. The actress showcases a variety of dazzling B.zero1 and Bulgari Bulgari creations, demonstrating the endless style possibilities these pieces offer.

©BULGARI, Photography by David Sims

The Icon: B.zero1 Ring

The B.zero1 ring, the cornerstone of the collection, emerged as a symbol of a new era in design. Since its debut in 1999, this iconic piece has been a beacon of empowerment, resonating with those who wear it. The ring’s unique design and the message it conveys have made it a favorite among fashion connoisseurs and trendsetters worldwide.

The Sophisticated Evolution

In her role as the Brand’s Global Ambassador, Zendaya charts her own course, drawing inspiration from the iconic creations of B.zero1. She showcases the latest iterations of the classic design, now adorned with pavé diamonds, adding an extra touch of sophistication and glamour. These new pieces reflect the collection’s evolution while staying true to its core values of innovation and self-expression.

Capturing the Collaboration

Zendaya’s collaboration with B.zero1 is immortalized through the lens of the renowned photographer David Sims and the video directed by Cara Stricker.

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