Kijsa Gifford: Embracing Diversity in Roles and Honoring Family Legacy


Meet Kijsa Gifford: A dynamic actress with an athletic foundation, Hollywood heritage, and a commitment to diverse roles in entertainment.

Kijsa Gifford, an actress with a diverse background in gymnastics, volleyball, lacrosse, and collegiate pole vaulting, shares insights into her career and the influences that have shaped her journey. Her family connection to Marilyn Monroe and her production company, Norma Jean Entertainment, add a unique touch to her story.

Ph by Jeannie Albers

Athletics and Acting: A Symbiotic Relationship

Gifford’s extensive training in gymnastics, volleyball, lacrosse, and collegiate pole vaulting has instilled in her a profound sense of time management and discipline. Drawing parallels between sports and acting, she passionately declares, “As an athlete, you learn time management from a young age because of the amount of training involved. Acting is very similar to sports. You get a ton thrown at you, and you have to organize it, prioritize it, and stay on top of it.”

A Hollywood Legacy: Marilyn Monroe’s Influence

The revelation of Gifford’s familial connection to Marilyn Monroe adds an intriguing layer to her story. Marilyn’s biological father, Charles Stanley Gifford, links the two women through a shared ancestry. Gifford pays homage to this connection by naming her production company Norma Jean Entertainment, reflecting her admiration for Marilyn’s talent and their family ties. With a sense of pride, she states, “I named my company after her as my ode to her amazing talent and our family connection, recently confirmed by DNA.”

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Diverse Roles in Recent Projects

Gifford’s recent projects, including “The Time is Now,” “The Coffee Shop,” and the upcoming “Myra’s Last Hope,” showcase her versatility as an actress. Each role presents a unique challenge, pushing her boundaries and allowing audiences to witness different facets of her talent. With enthusiasm, she shares, “In ‘The Time is Now,’ I play a drug addict, which stretched me as an actress because it is not something that people would typically see me as. I loved the opportunity to expand as an actor.”

Challenging Genres and Character Exploration

Expressing a penchant for diverse roles, Gifford embraces the challenge of action movies, drama, comedy, and rom-coms. Her commitment to expanding her repertoire is evident in her ongoing training with Anthony Delongis, known for his work with Hollywood legends. With determination, she declares, “I am going to be training regularly in swords, whips, fights, and weapons. I have a versatile personality which allows me to connect to various characters authentically.”

Norma Jean Entertainment: A Female-Centric Vision

As the founder of Norma Jean Entertainment, Gifford aspires to create projects that honor her Hollywood legacy. She emphasizes the importance of showcasing layered character development from a female perspective. Gifford aims to address the discrepancies she has noticed in films, ensuring that female characters are portrayed authentically and given the depth they deserve.

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City Vibes: Navigating Los Angeles, Atlanta, and New York

Moving between entertainment hubs like Los Angeles, Atlanta, and New York City, Gifford appreciates the unique energy each city offers. While she loves the hustle and bustle of NYC, the chill vibe of Atlanta, and the overall comfort of Los Angeles, she feels a deep sense of belonging in the latter—a place where she has found her tribe and truly fits in. With a sense of belonging, she expresses, “Los Angeles is my favorite. I feel really at home there. I love the weather and the vibe. It really resonates with me.”

Dream Collaborations: Jennifer Lawrence and Future Projects

Naming Jennifer Lawrence as her dream collaborator, Gifford admires Lawrence’s diverse body of work and hopes to emulate her career. Gifford is currently working on a personal project, a narrative that delves into the life of a famous actress reflecting on her journey. The story unfolds against the backdrop of a mental institution and a healing journey at the Cherokee Lodge in Arizona.

Fashion on the Red Carpet: A Vintage Hollywood Vibe

Discussing her fashion preferences, Gifford reveals a penchant for vintage and unique styles, resonating with an old-school Hollywood vibe. Dreaming of donning designs from Versace, Yves Saint Laurent, Valentino, or even a vintage Travilla, Gifford showcases a sophisticated taste that aligns seamlessly with her Hollywood heritage. With a touch of glamour, she expresses, “There are so many amazing designers out there that I would love to work with. I have a very old-school, Hollywood vibe, so anything vintage and unique.”