Jaidyn Triplett: From iCarly to Releasing Her New Single ‘Enough’ and Sharing her Empowerment Vision


From her role in iCarly to the release of her upcoming single ‘Enough’, Jaidyn Triplett discusses her journey. She offers insight into her vision of empowerment and self-assurance.

Photography by Storm Santos – @stormSantos 
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The Inspiration Behind Her New Single

Jaidyn opens up about the inspiration for ‘ENOUGH’: “My mom used to tell me when I was little, and she still tells me today, ‘You are enough.’ It has helped me throughout my acting career. It’s essential to know that your opinion is the only one that matters.”

About Self-Worth in ‘ENOUGH’

The artist reflects on self-worth and the influence of others’ opinions: “I believe that the most important thing before loving someone else is to love yourself first. Be confident in your own skin, love your body, love your hair, and know that you will always be enough.”

Fashion and Personal Style: Tools of Empowerment

Jaidyn emphasizes the significance of finding your personal style: “Discovering your style feels like finding your comfort zone, being confident, and worry-free in your own skin.”

Jaidyn’s Beauty Secrets

The artist shares her favorite skincare products: “Typically, if I have occasional acne, I double cleanse with a cleansing balm (if I’m wearing makeup), apply Pan Oxyl, and then follow my skincare routine that includes hyaluronic acid from The Ordinary and a vitamin C serum.”

Writing, Traveling, and Baking: Jaidyn’s Personal Growth

Jaidyn explains how her hobbies contribute to personal growth: “Having hobbies is always a good thing and helps me explore my talents. Things like baking, doing nails, and makeup are ways to take my mind off work.”

Memorable On-Set Experiences

The artist shares memorable moments from her time on set: “The most recent TV series I worked on was a significant milestone in my career. All the great directors, producers, and castmates I met profoundly changed my life.”

Jaidyn’s Favorites

Favorite Singer: Sabrina Carpenter or The Weeknd.
Best Moment of your life: the day I was born!! Haha no it would definitely have to be the day I got over my fear of rollercoasters.
If I had to wear one brand for my entire life, it would be…H&M for sure. Their styles range from y2k to grunge. There would be so many options!

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